About us


It is a great pleasure and pride to welcome you and share a brief history and essential attributes of our university.

UPAEP was created in 1973 as a project conceived by Puebla's citizens. It was led by a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to make a difference and exercise university freedom and identity. Our educational project took form to become what it is today: an institution committed to seeking and spreading the truth, in congruence with Christian Humanism. Therefore, as our founders did, we are committed to encouraging students to become agents of change and transformation, contributing to the construction of the Common Good.

From the days of its foundation, our university recognized that developing a person-centered comprehensive educational model was a pivotal element in fulfilling its mission, based on academic excellence and being socially-minded. Thus 96% of our undergraduate students are enrolled in quality accredited programs, each one supported by an Academic Council that guards the relevancy of challenges and opportunities of our context. Currently, UPAEP's undergraduate programs are offered under the "Entrepreneurs" approach. Our students can develop their business venture, social project, and the exercise of their profession strengthened with the support of UNINCUBE, our university incubator. This model's comprehensiveness depends on multiple sports, cultural, leadership, and service activities typical of UPAEP.

At UPAEP, we know that graduate programs and research projects are essential to contribute to innovation, requiring a significant educational proposal and generating bright ideas and solutions to promote society's comprehensive development. Our university also offers a wide range of flexible and interdisciplinary graduate programs in all delivery modes (onsite, online and mixed), making UPAEP one of the most prominent universities. Today, one out of every hundred graduate students in Mexico, studies at UPAEP.

Our model demands from students to take action locally, but from a global perspective. From an intercultural vision, UPAEP has a substantial commitment to internationalizing its community, which led to appraising national culture to share and enrich others. UPAEP offers numerous mobility programs for students, teachers, and researchers, as well as international professional practices, additionally to 84 double degree programs at prestigious universities around the world.

Finally, it is imperative to remark that UPAEP’s humanist vocation is based on raising awareness about the value of the human person, expressing its great dignity to others, ascribing it to live as a community, in which life sense and transcendence can be found. In this manner, UPAEP calls everyone willing to undertake this path, to embrace the spirit of Águila UPAEP, our eagle spirit, to make a living from our institutional mission: "Create streams of thought and to form leaders willing to transform society, in the search for Truth; integrating faith, science, and life."

Thank you for showing interest in our proposal. If you believe that UPAEP's life is the one for you, let us reach you and assist you in joining our community of leadership and transformation.

On behalf of UPAEP’s community, I give you my very best regards.

President of UPAEP

twitter: @rectorupaep