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UPAEP offers state of the art facilities and recreational areas to enhance the experience in academic, sports, and multicultural activities, within a unique environment designed to fit the needs of comprehensive higher education.

We designed all the spaces to promote a university life to develop the talents and knowledge for an authentic vocational and professional experience.

UPAEP has:


UPAEP was born with clear ideas about its own mission, with firmly lived ideals by its founders, founded on transcendent values and with intentions to achieve high academic standards. The struggle and solidarity spirit manifested in its beginnings, have remained at all times and circumstances throughout its four decades of existence, allowing great growth and consolidation at all levels, and thanks to the trust of society that has seen and confirmed the results of its university work. Thus, UPAEP has been able to fulfill its mission and purpose of training professionals on a daily basis, leaders with solid principles that help transform society towards greater and better achievements, in accordance with the perennial values of Truth, Good, Beauty, Justice and Freedom..


College capital

Puebla is the second city in the country in terms of number of universities. It is one of the most important destinations in Latin America for college studies..

It is a beautiful city where the old and the modern meet. It is located in a valley surrounded by wonderful volcanoes and snowy mountains. It is considered as a colonial city with skyscrapers and almost 500 years of history..

Live and enjoy Puebla, studying at UPAEP!