Dear visitor:

It is a great pleasure to greet you and to share with you some of the fundamental features in relation to our university.

UPAEP was born in 1973 as a project of Puebla’s society. It was first led by a group of young people who decided to make a difference and to undertake a new project that could favor the freedom and university autonomy. This project has crystallized as an institution that is committed with the search and dissemination of the truth since it wants to be congruent with the Christian humanism. Thus, today, as yesterday, we are committed with the education of professionals who could be a factor of change and transformation to achieve the construction of the Common Good

Our university has understood since its foundation that in order to fulfill its mission, it is indispensable to develop an integral educational model which is focused on the person, built on academic excellence and permanently linked to the social issue. Because of this, 96% of the enrollment in an undergraduate academic degree take accredited programs of high quality. An Academic Council that ensures the programs’ relevance with the challenges and opportunities of the environment checks each program. Currently, all of UPAEP’s undergraduate academic programs count with an entrepreneurial line, in which our students can start to solidify their own entrepreneurial project, either social or particular to their profession. This project is shaped and strengthened at the university’s incubator company called UNINCUBE. The integrity of our project is also enhanced through the multiple sportive and cultural activities; as well as through the leadership and service, which are UPAEP’s most important features.

In UPAEP, we consider that the Postgraduate programs and the Research projects are essential to contribute to the Innovation that requires a serious university proposal, which may generate concrete ideas and solutions to promote the integral development of the societies. Thus, our university offers a wide range of flexible and interdisciplinary postgraduate courses in all modalities (face-to-face, online, open), which have led UPAEP to occupy a privileged place in the country: today more than one out of every hundred students, who have studied or are studying postgraduate studies in Mexico, study at UPAEP.

Our world requires university students who may act at a local level with a global perspective. In regard to this, UPAEP has been a pioneer in the internationalization of its university community through an intercultural vision that involves the appreciation of the national culture in order to share it and enrich it with other cultures. In order to fulfill this objective, UPAEP offers today a number of programs that promote student’s mobility in different teaching and research programs, as well as in professional internships abroad in addition to 84 double-degree programs at prestigious universities around the world.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the humanistic vocation UPAEP is based on seeks the reassessment of the person as an individual who assumes his/her great dignity and exercises it in his/her relationship with his/her neighbor in order to create a community. Thus, he/she could find a sense of life, seeking transcendence. This is why UPAEP calls on everyone who feels challenged by this proposal to adopt what we know in UPAEP as the ‘Eagle spirit’, and to make our institutional mission alive: "Create currents of thought, and train leaders who transform the society in the search of the Truth by integrating the faith, science and life”.

Thank you so much for your attention. If you think that UPAEP’s proposal suits you, let us contact you in order to guide in you integration process to this community of leadership and transformation.

Receive a greeting with affection on behalf of UPAEP’s community.

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