Laudex credit

Laudex-Santander payment plan

In partnership with Santander Universities, Laudex benefits you with a payment plan to study any degree, masters, doctorate or specialty of UPAEP.

Our benefits:

Maximum financing line: $ 950,000 m.n.

We reduce your tuition up to 50%

We cover your debt, so that you continue studying

We finance 100% of your studies: tuition, seminars, degrees, etc.

It applies for your student exchange

In addition, you decide the life time of your credit, since you have the benefit of prepayment (capital contributions without penalty), so you can finish paying ahead of time.

We invite you to watch the following video so you know how our educational credit works:


Obliged solidary:

- Older than 25 years

- Verifiable income


- Minimum average of 7.0

- Good credit history if you have it

- Minimum 18 years


Ían Arturo Osorio Rosales


Mobile 5568161613

For further information please visit or call (0155) 40-40-79-40