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University lodging provides students with quality housing in an atmosphere that has all the necessary conditions for an easy living experience, personal development, holistic development and academic work aimed at excellence.


Being a community of living and learning the main mission of the university residences is to support the holistic formation of their members, supporting each and every one of their activities.

- Respect

- Responsibility

- Solidarity

- Honesty

- Social commitment


The university residences project seeks to build a living and learning community in a harmonious environment. These are our objectives:

- To foster universal values, especially the values we encourage at UPAEP.

- To foster a strong feeling of belonging towards the residences and the university as a whole.

- To foster personal growth, emphasizing higher academic performance.

- To form leaders.

- To foster formal and informal relationships between teachers and students.

- To give personal and academic attention to residents.

- To foster valuable experiences for “learning for life”.


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