International Exchange Students

UPAEP is a private university, founded in 1973 at the request of the people of the State of Puebla, where it has grown deep roots. The university is dedicated to service the community offering credited programs of excellence.

It is worth mentioning that the UPAEP campus has a very attractive location; we could say it is an urban campus; which is located in the middle of the city of Puebla, in the metropolitan part just 2 blocks away from the touristic Avenue Juarez and some blocks from the historic center of Puebla, which, is considered Cultural Heritage of the Humanity by the UNESCO, since is made by buildings of colonial architecture. Thus, the UPAEP campus has an excellent accessibility for public transportation toward different points of the city as to the diverse shopping centers, movie theaters and entertainment sites found very near our campus, which is ideal for the student that desires to know the true daily Mexican life.

Thanks to the internationalization effort the UPAEP has signed agreements with several universities in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, as well as with consortia, which give accessibility to students of the participating universities to come to our university in Exchange programs.

We have programs in alliance with CONAHEC (Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration) and ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs).

For the foregoing reasons, the UPAEP may receive students of universities which have agreements with it or belongs to one of the aforementioned consortia. It is important that students go to their home university exchange office to learn about their internal processes and that they are nominated as exchange students through an e-mail to the UPAEP.

In the following sections of our web page, we have specific information on how the exchange program in UPAEP works and the process to carry it out. We also have our Fact Sheet available, which complements the information exposed on our website.


In this section students will be able to find all the academic information of the UPAEP and instructions to make a pre-selection of suitable courses. We recommend you to very carefully and patiently review the information, since in this section you will find all the necessary information


Students may combine classes from different bachelor (undergraduate) programs and semesters, to make their own courses list for the exchange semester. In order to select the classes the period to study in the UPAEP must be taken into consideration, since the courses offer varies according to the semester. The periods are the following, and the lessons are distributed as follows:



If you're going to study during fall you must choose from classes in odd semesters (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9)



If your option is the spring semester, you must choose from classes in even semesters (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10)

Credits transfer and courses verification both depend on the student's home University. For this reason, we suggest you review the content of the courses in the UPAEP, to see if the courses offered conform to the student's needs and to the requirements of the home University. (Below this paragraph are the abstracts of each course offered at UPAEP).




The levels of the Spanish language classes offered each semester at UPAEP as part of regular courses are: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

(Each level has a time load of 1 hour a day from Monday to Friday and account for 6 academic credits)


To see more details click here


At the end of each semester, when final grades are shown in our UNISOFT system, the Office of International Affairs sends the official transcript (final certificate) to the student's home University, which shows the courses, grades and credits the student obtained at UPAEP during the exchange program.

The official Transcript of studies is sent on the following dates according to the period of the exchange program:

Autumn period: 2nd week of January

Spring period: 2nd week of June


Lodging $3,000 Mexican Pesos
Food $3,000 Mexican Pesos
Books / materials $400 Mexican Pesos
Personal Expenses $1,500 Mexican Pesos
Local transportation $1,000 Mexican Pesos
TOTAL $8,900 Mexican Pesos

In the application format, exchange students must specify the type of accommodation they wish to have during their stay in UPAEP.

As an exchange student, you must keep in mind that your stay for the room rental is 5 months since rents are paid per full month and not per part of month.

UPAEP offers 2 accommodation options: UPAEP dormitories or a Host Family

In case of not choosing any of the above options, students can opt to Search Their Own department or room for renting. The Office of International Affairs will be able to give support with providing the recommendations of rooms for rent former students have left.

Tips on Searching your Own Accommodation

This option is ideal for students looking to save in their costs of lodging, as well as food expenses; since renting a room with access to a kitchen may help reduce the cost of food if they want to cook their own food.

Around the campus there are several rooms and apartments for rent for UPAEP students. Vacancies are limited and are taken up quickly by UPAEP students. The rent of furnished rooms varies in price (from $2,700 to $3,200 MXN) and the rent of an apartment varies greatly, depending on the location and the size of the apartment (it can range from $4,000 up to $8,000 MXN)

Generally each rent needs one month of rent payment in advance. In some places it is refundable and in some it is not, reason why it is recommended to ask the terms and rules for deposit and rent, for which landlords must provide a "contract of lease".

1. UPAEP Dormitories

UPAEP dorms are located 4 blocks from the UPAEP main campus so the students can commute by walking.


It is important to note out that for students in exchange program, the accommodation contract of dorms UPAEP is made per semester. Once the reservation is made by email and the dorm is physically occupied, there will be NO service cancellation.

NOTE:In the event of cancellation for any reason, there will be a charge for the total of the months reserved in the UPAEP Dormitories.


The vacancy in the UPAEP Dorms is limited, so if a student decides to have a room in this place he/she must fill out the UPAEP Dormitories admission form as soon as having received the ID and the letter of acceptance from the UPAEP.

How to request a room in the UPAEP Dormitories?

To reserve a room in the UPAEP Dormitories the dormitories application for admission must be filled, which is in the dormitories web site. See Site: Application for admission to the dormitories


UPAEP has several families in Puebla that offer hosting services for exchange students. These families consider students as part of them, allowing them access to their homes while introducing students to the Mexican family life.

Approximate cost: $5,700 Pesos per month. Includes, lodging, breakfast, and dinner, as well as the commodities: power, internet, water, gas and the facilities to wash your clothes.

Payment is done directly with the host family the first week of each month.

In case of requesting the hosting service with a host family, you must fill the format of host family, which is in the UPAEP application.

In case of not choosing any of the above options, students can opt to search their own department or room for renting. The Office of International Affairs will be able to give support with providing the recommendations of rooms for rent former students have left.

Once the students receive their letter of acceptance, the office of international affairs will give support with the sending of information in accordance with the option chosen in its format of request.


All the students who already have been nominated by their International Office from their Home University by email to the UPAEP's International Affairs Office; they will be able to fill up the pre-registered in our web, otherwise UPAEP could not validate the application.

Once the student has completed the pre- register on our website, he/she will receive by email the confirmation and the UPAEP application form personalized.

Before you start the online registration, you should prepare the following:

Once you have the information ready, it will take you approximately 5 minutes to fill up the pre-register.




Once the student has been accepted by the UPAEP for the exchange program, he/she will receive an email which will include the letter of acceptance, UPAEP student number, ID and password. After this step, the student must prepare his/her arrival to the UPAEP; in the UPAEP Exchange Manual there is detailed information about our city, our university (campus, services, system of academic classes and credits, procedure for the selection of subjects, etc.) more information on the lodging in Puebla, among other recommendations.

Please download the manual and read it carefully.

UPAEP International Affairs


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