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Work and Organization Psychology

In-site Modality

Vocational Profile

Applicants for a Master's Degree in Work and Organizational Psychology should have the following knowledge, skills, attitudes and/or values in order to start their training process:

Knowledge about:

  • Human development
  • Organizational psychology
  • Organizational behavior
  • Human resources management
  • Principles of administration

Skills for:

  • Establishing social and interpersonal relationships
  • Observation and analysis capacity
  • Ease of establishing interpersonal relationships
  • Decision-making
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Effective communication
  • Systemic thinking

Attitudes and/or values such as:

  • Humanist vision
  • Interest for the attention of the human within the organization
  • High appreciation for human values

Work Field

The graduate of the Master's in Work and Organizational Psychology will be a professional expert in consulting and intervention at work and in the development of people and organizations, who has transformational leadership, who manages talent, who promotes health and the development of a work culture with social responsibility. Therefore, once the training process is concluded, the graduate will have developed the following knowledge, skills, attitudes and / or values, some of them are:

Knowledge about:

  • Management for human and organizational development
  • Methodologies and research methods, new psychological paradigms applied to projects.
  • Techniques and methods of organizational psychology

Skills for:

  • To work in an inter and multidisciplinary way
  • Organizational Leadership

Attitudes and/or values such as:

  • Service attitude
  • Critical and evaluative attitude of social, technical and scientific changes and a demand for self-learning that leads it to seek constant updating.


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