Tehuacán Campus


In-site Modality

Vocational Profile

Applicants for this Master's program will preferably have degrees in accounting, administration, economics, law, international trade and banking and finance and should have the following:


  • General principles of economics and tax theory
  • Economic System
  • Social phenomena related to economic

Abilitites and/or skills:

  • Strategic planning
  • Financial arrangements
  • Solve economic conflicts

Work Field

The type of professional trained at UPAEP has a good command of the knowledge and techniques necessary for the exercise of the profession and the methods of research in their own scientific discipline. It awakens the feeling and inclination for service. Observe professional ethics. Develops awareness and sense of social responsibility and solidarity with the whole environment. He relates with other disciplines to enrich his own work and that of others. Awakens a spirit of leadership. Acquires a critical and valuing attitude to social, technical and scientific changes and a demand for self-learning that leads him to seek constant updating.


Admissions Department
Telephone: 01 (238) 38 3 78 00 ext.119
E-Mail: admisiones.tehuacan@upaep.mx

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