Tehuacán Campus


In-site Modality

Vocational Profile

He proposes changes and innovations to the educational process from an integral and humanist point of view through new educational approaches to respond to the problems that arise in the workplace.

Develops research and evaluation through projects to obtain better results in the educational process in its students. Mobilizes its knowledge from the exercise of its practice and reaches a personal development to face the challenges of education with an ethical attitude.

Work Field

Demonstrates capacity for leadership and innovative and creative agent in different learning environments.

Builds new and better working relationship environments in order to strengthen the educational process.

Demonstrates knowledge about different educational theories, learning theories, learning management and process evaluation to modify established patterns that obstruct social development.

He takes effective decisions in the transformation of educational environments and generates substantial centralized changes in educational management.

Generates transformation projects taking care of formal research.

Executes its mission in the spirit of a true education professional.


Admissions Department
Telephone: 01 (238) 38 3 78 00 ext.119
E-Mail: admisiones.tehuacan@upaep.mx

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