Tehuacán Campus

Criminal Law

In-site Modality

Vocational Profile

The Master in Criminal Law has a comprehensive and humanistic criminal legal training. He adopts a professional position of the highest level in the criminal law area; he assumes responsibility for teaching and research and provides legal advice in this field to individuals and criminal legal institutions, through understanding, study and critical analysis that respond to a new policy oriented towards the defense of individual and social interests, effective crime prevention and good procurement and administration of criminal justice.

Work Field

Skills developed

Carry out your professional practice based on knowledge to make it efficient, through the development of skills and capacities of: observation, analysis, synthesis, criticism and evaluation, which allow you to argue validly before concrete legal situations. Evaluates and proposes strategies of legal defense in the field of criminal law in an efficient manner in favor of individuals and private and public institutions that request it.


Admissions Department
Telephone: 01 (238) 38 3 78 00 ext.119
E-Mail: admisiones.tehuacan@upaep.mx

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