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Constitutional Law and Protection

In-site Modality

Vocational Profile

Knowledge about:

  • Social Sciences
  • The general principles of law and the legal system in general
  • Human rights and the institutions that protect them.
  • On the philosophical and theoretical foundations of Law with its practical application.

Skills in:

  • Legal language skills
  • Ability to apply scientific research criteria in their professional activity.

Attitudes and/values such as:

  • Search for social, economic and cultural improvement of the Mexican State.
  • High sense of social responsibility and ethics.
  • He acts in a loyal and diligent manner in defense of the interests of the people it represents
  • He is aware of the ethical dimension of the legal profession and of its social responsibility.

Work Field

Upon completion of training in the Master in Constitutional Law and Amparo the graduate will acquire the following knowledge, skills, attitudes and / or values, some of them are: Knowledge about: The content and context of each of the constitutions that have regulated Mexico.

Cultural framework of constitutional law and protection proceedings.


  • Analyzes, criticizes and assesses specific legal situations.
  • Proposes strategies of legal defense in the field of constitutional law and the trial of protection in an efficient manner in favor of private or public persons or institutions.

Actitudes y/o valores como:

  • Actitud de servicio y liderazgo en la solución de problemas jurídicos, buscando por su propio beneficio, el de las personas.
  • Respeta a las instituciones encargadas de la procuración e impartición de justicia, así como la actuación jurídica de los tres poderes en el ámbito regional y nacional.


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