Tehuacán Campus

Institution Administration

In-site Modality

Vocational Profile

The aspirants to enter to the Bachelor of Administration of Institutions are students with capacity of abstraction, synthesis and analysis of the information to develop skills of planning and direction of businesses related to the tourist sectors, of food and of well-being that, related to the industry of the hospitality, require of basic knowledge in computer science, in the English language to be placed in the respective level and once obtained the accreditation TOEFL, they have the opportunity to choose another language. They are aspirants with critical and creative skills in the organization of resources, both in administrative and social tasks, as well as in teamwork and in the establishment of group dynamics. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Work Field

The graduate in Management of Institutions is required in: Hospitals, hotels, restaurants, cafés, canteens, food service in airlines, food service and accommodation in maritime and railway lines, orphanages and nursing homes, residences for students and elderly, hostels, recreational centers and conventions, consulting for the hospital and gastronomy industry, banks, factories, and service businesses in general.


Mtro. Octavio Raúl Loza González
Academic Tehuacan Coordinator
Telephone: 383 78 00 Ext. 125
E-Mail: octavio.loza@upaep.mx

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