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Oral Trials and Human Rights

In-site Modality

Vocational Profile

The type of specialist who is trained at the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, Plantel Tehuacán dominates with ample sufficiency the knowledge and techniques necessary for the exercise of the profession and the methods of investigation of the own scientific discipline. Awakens the feeling and inclination for service

Observe professional ethics. Develop awareness and sense of social responsibility and solidarity with the environment. It relates to other disciplines to enrich its own work and that of others. Awakens a spirit of leadership. Acquires a critical and valuing attitude to social, technical and scientific changes and a demand for self-learning that leads him to seek constant updating.

Work Field

In the intelligence that the acquired knowledge will be undertaken to a great extent to create a social conscience of the preservation of the place of the facts and the scientific and rigorous application in the investigation of the place of the facts, which will allow to get to know the historical truth of the facts and to achieve that our System of Penal Justice abandons itself with the science and the technique applying justice.


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