Tehuacán Campus


In-site Modality

Vocational Profile

Trains specialists in the area of criminalistics with human sense to investigate and analyze criminal acts, as well as the evidence found in the place of intervention, the victim and the victimizer, integrating a strategic vision, ethics and commitment to society, to carry out forensic criminal interventions that support the procurement and administration of justice.

Work Field

Specialization in Criminalistics, in the intelligence that the acquired knowledge will be undertaken to a great extent to create a social conscience of the preservation of the place of the facts and the scientific and rigorous application in the investigation of the place of the facts, which will allow to get to know the historical truth of the facts and to achieve that our System of Penal Justice abandons itself with the science and the technique applying justice.


Admissions Department
Telephone: 01 (238) 38 3 78 00 ext.119
E-Mail: admisiones.tehuacan@upaep.mx

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