Tailor Made Programs

It´s a Short Academic Program that combines, learning and an international experience giving international students a complete overview of Mexican and Latino cultures.

This experience will help you to understand how to translate your area or expertise like: business, engineering, health, liberal arts, education etc. into a Latin American Context, the similarities and the differences between Mexico and your Country, comprehend relevant aspects of Mexican society such as the role of traditions, family, religion and gender issues.

  • Flexibility, even if we have some pre-stablished programs available, we can set up any specific program according with the visiting academic institution needs and the student´s interests, academic fields, career goals, or expertise.
  • Availability, you can contact us if you are interested in an international experience any time of the year and we can set a program for you. But during the summer we are able to offer a larger variety of cultural workshops, tours and practicums, making it and extra special experience.
  • Personalized, designed together with the participants to obtain the maximum potential of an international experience, so issues like number of participants, weeks involved in the program and lodging preferences are completely negotiable. And not only the program is personalized, The UPAEP University staff is going to be to accompanying you during all the experience, solving doubts, guiding and helping you through
Why Mexico? Why Puebla?

Mexico offers tons of exciting experiences not only in its cultural and natural diversity, but also in its breath of ancient historical ruins. Mexico has a rich culture, a strong Spanish heritage, and a geographical location easily reached. Moreover, the Mexican people are extraordinarily friendly and easy to get to know.

Besides the immense culture, Mexico is also a country with an increasing economy, industry and technology. Being Puebla one of the leading states in this development, and having a unique sense of place with a historical downtown center recognized as cultural heritage of the humanity for the UNESCO making it an ideal place for immersion in Mexican folklore and culture.

Housing with Mexican families

According the days or weeks involves in your Tailor Made Program we can suggest a variety of lodging preferences like a Hotel near by the Campus or the UPAEP University dorms, but if you are interest in a program during the whole summer and since the immersion process is a main component of the program, home-stay with Mexican Families is your best option. Also, the families provide opportunities for you to achieve your language learning goals and insight into cultural understandings.

Host families are located in the surrounding neighborhoods near the Campus. Public transportation will not take more than 30 minutes to arrive to the university and is a great option for exploring Puebla. Your host family will show you how to take the urban transportation service to UPAEP during the first three days of the programs, so you will feel comfortable while navigating in your new environment.

  • Single room with bed linens
  • Study table
  • Shared or individual bathroom (depending on the host family)

*non amenities included

  • Lunch included from Monday to Friday in UPAEP´s Cafeteria.
  • Breakfast and Dinner from Monday to Friday with host families, and the three meals will be served on weekends.
The full Mexican experience

Mexico is a large country with a variety of colors and flavors expressed in rich and diverse culture that never ceases to impress visitors. This program makes you feel, see and taste Mexico´s deep diversity. This is what we call the full Mexican experience.

Experience colonial Mexico in Puebla while taking classes during the week, visiting cultural sites, and enjoying cultural workshops and integration activities in the afternoon. Savor the culinary experience with the tasty flavors of Mexican cuisine in the colorful city of Oaxaca. Discover the ancient traditions of pre- Hispanic Mexico in the one of the most well preserved “Pueblos Magicos” in the country, Cuetzalan and enjoy the aerial performances of the local dancers, explore around the town and mingle with the locals in the unique fairs and festivals while they communicate in Mexico’s original language, Nahualt. Be captivated by the sophistication, and the cultural sites in Mexico City, like The Frida Kahlo museum and the ancient Tenochtitlan.

How to apply?


Please,contact or and specify your needs, such as lodging preferences, number of participants and weeks involved in the program.


Participants needs to fill and submit the following application form

Payment Options

Payments must be sent via bank transfer. Information regarding how to complete this process will be provided with the enrollment forms.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds will be made within 30 days after notification via bank transfer of the cancellation. Once the required banking information is received, the cost of the transaction will be subtracted from the payment.

  1. Refunds will not apply in the case of late arrival.
  2. Cancellations made before the arrival date will only be accepted in written form (letter, e-mail or fax).
  3. Cancellations made within 3 weeks of the arrival date are subject to a $750.00 USD cancellation fee.
  4. Cancellations made before 3 weeks of the arrival date will not be subject to a cancellation fee.