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He is a Civil Engineer from UPAEP, Master in Structural Engineering also at UPAEP, and Ph.D. in Seismological Engineering from Universidad Nacional Antónoma de México (UNAM). He is expert in Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Design and Seismic Risk, and he has written a book about seismic effects in Central Mexico. He has been professor in Structural and Geotechnical areas, both in Civil Engineering and Architecture undergraduate programs. Once a year, Dr. Ferrer teaches Seismic Engineering at the Master of Structures Program in the Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP). Additionally, he is a member of some technical societies related to his experience. His professional experience has been developed in consulting about Structural, Geotechnical, and Geophysical Engineering for enterprises like PEMEX, CFE, BACHOCO, and others. He is the Dean of the next undergraduate programs: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Bionic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Autoparts Manufacturing Engineering, Automotive Design Engineering, Computer Engineering and Systems, Software Engineering, and Information Technology.